You woke up at 6am and were dressed and ready by 6:15.

I woke up to you telling Carter:  “Well, now that I’m dressed for school I have some time to play with you.  You know, I won’t be here all day to play with you anymore.  So play with me now before I leave so you can have someone to play with you sometime today.”

From Carter:  silence

When we showed up to drop you off, you said to me “Mom, I’m the most excited today!”  And off you were, on your way for a new adventure.  So proud of you, my boy!

Obviously, I wouldn’t tell this to you now, but as Carter (and Pennie) and I were moving about town this morning he said to me:  “Mom, I’m the luckiest.  I’m all on my own with you.”

Something tells me he’s going to be just fine while you’re at school, my little darling.

On a side note, you were beyond excited to start your first day of 1st grade.  You lucked out and ended up with at least a couple of your favorite girl friends from your kindergarten class.  Your teacher seems like a really sweet teacher (you said she reminds you of your Kindergarten teacher, Sra. Post).  If that’s the case you are one lucky boy!  You are in a class combined with 2nd graders, which you were excited to find out about.  When you got home today you said, “I like having some older kids in my class because they can help me with my work.”  You were also extra happy that, even though you aren’t in the same class as your best buddies, you can still play with them at recess!

Oh, I love you, my big boy.  I’m so excited to see what fun this year brings!