I found out yesterday that Miles was spotted in the Principal’s office at school.  Of course, I couldn’t wait to find out why.

“Miles, were you in the Principal’s office today?”

“Yes, Mom, I was.  But I wasn’t in trouble.”

“Well, what happened?  Why were you in there?”

“Well, my friend was sitting on a bench and another boy came up and told him to get off that bench.  He then spit on my friend because he didn’t want to get up.  So I went to the office to find the Principal so I could tell her because my teacher was at lunch.”

“Miles, there are playground volunteers there to help you out if you have trouble.  That’s why they are there, to fill in for your teacher when she can’t be there.”

“Well, Mom, they are only there to make sure we stay on the playground during recess and that we are safe.  They are not in charge of yelling at us if we are in trouble!”

“Miles, what did the lady in the office say to you when you went in there?”

“She told me to go find my teacher!”


I guess I can be comforted in knowing my boy knows how to get things done!