Miles has been begging me to ride the bus to school.  So we decided to finally do it last week.

Both boys were in heaven.

And I guess you could say I was, as well.  And Pennie was, too.

I just love these kids!

Carter and I got plenty of exercise after we dropped Miles off.  He wanted to walk home instead of ride the bus.  So, we trekked all the way home (a good 2 miles or so).

If I would have been completely prepared to walk so far I would have brought Pennie’s stroller.  But she didn’t seem to mind at all, nuzzled up close in her sling, taking a snugly little nap the entire walk back.

I thought, for sure, Carter would take a nap after walking so far (oh, and did I mention, he woke up at FOUR FIFTEEN that morning, too?).  NOPE, NO NAP.  And he managed to pull energy together to run almost 2 miles with Miles after school.

He’s insane, that’s all I’ve got to say!