Dillon took the boys camping last weekend.  Pennie and I tried to tag along, but we were informed that we would not welcome there.

They had a great time and PJ and I had a nice, relaxing Friday evening.

And we [may have] surprised them the next day to hang out before heading back home.

I’m so glad Dillon introduced camping to these boys.  Some of my absolute best memories as a child is camping and fishing with my family.

And my hope is that my kids are able to enjoy such fun in their childhood as well.

Camping is good for the soul!

Off they go!

Immediately filthy (as they should be)!


Glow necklaces (in case the boys got lost in the dark).

New sleeping bags!

Free fishing poles!  There was a fishing derby at the campgrounds and each child received a free fishing pole!

No fish.  They needed some Papa Davis luck!

The tent.  We’ve set this thing up in our yard a couple of times… but this is the real deal!

A lesson on Poison Oak:  “Leaves of Three, let them be.”

Found some new friends.  Local peacocks!

Lots and lots of junk food!

As Carter and I were making a shopping list for the trip, he mentioned some items that are worth jotting down (mostly so he can know what a silly boy he really was when he looks back on this) :

jackhammer, chainsaw, gun, regular saw, pick axe, regular axe, hoe, rake, fire gun, cheese balls (in a huge container just like at Target), donuts, juice boxes, coke- lots of coke

All things forbidden in regular every-day  life, but apparently completely acceptable for a camping trip with Dad.