Miles had his first school project this week.

It was to make an altar to honor someone that has passed away (for  the Day of the Dead).

He chose his Great-Grandma Tomer.

 You can’t really see the words he glued inside, but they are some of the things she liked:  the mountains, flowers, cats, going to the park, and a picture, the last picture we ever took of she and him, eating cherry pie together.

We had fun working on this together, and talking about all of the things that she enjoyed in her long, eventful life.

We also had a few laughs when I told him of some funny things she did. Like when she would call me and tell me that she and her cat were having a fight.  And when I would go visit her for the summer when I was a kid she would let me eat candy bars and ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And when she was trying to pay me some money for helping her out and when I wouldn’t take the money she tried sneaking it over my shoulder to Dillon.  And when my family had come to visit her, and left a huge stash of candy bars at her house while they went up to the mountains for the day.  When they got back she had eaten every single one of those candy bars!  She had quite the sweet-tooth.  He was also quite impressed when I told him she was a model when she was younger (that was in response to his comment on how beautiful her black and white picture is).  The list goes on and on.  Never, ever a dull moment with that lady.

I’m proud to call her my grandma, and I know Miles is proud she is his Bisabuela.