This year was a good one, despite being bogged down with head colds.

The boys woke up, excited to see what Santa brought and to open up all of those fun presents that tempted them for the entire month of December.


We had a very chill day, just enjoying the company of one another, and trying to get over those colds!


Miles and Dillon spent most of the day building many Lego creations.


Masters of disguise.guesswho

Pennie spent the day eating, sleeping and getting into everyone’s things.  Oh, and eating lots of wrapping paper.

This girl was spoiled this year with tons of adorable clothes!


One of Carter’s life-long dreams also came true, by way of a Target-Gift-Card-shopping-spree the day after Christmas.


Miles adores his weaving loom.  One of his wishes for this year was to learn how to knit and weave.


  Thank you to all who helped add to the magic of Christmas morning.

We are so, so thankful and we love you all!