One of our goals this year was to do a weekly date night rotation with the boys.

Carter kicked the first date night off in style.

He got all gussied up (all on his own).

(I must admit, no guy has ever put so much effort into his hair over me before.)


By the time we were ready to go, his hair was nice and dry.

Good thing, because it was FREEZING outside!

We went for ice cream, and enjoyed some good conversation.

My favorite being:  “Mom, I really don’t like you at all when you’re mean to me.  But when you’re nice, well, I really do like you!” (at least he’s honest!)

After ice cream we attempted a walk around downtown, but it was just too cold.

So Carter suggested we go over to Whole Foods so we can buy a treat for Dad and Miles.

(just one of the MANY amazing qualities of this little guy:  he’s got an absolutely generous heart- thinking of his dad and brother on HIS own date with Mom)


I’m glad we were able to duck out for an evening together last night.

I went to bed with a huge smile in my heart.

I love Carter.