The older this kid gets the more I realize just how much of  a [naughty] little free spirit he can be.

He cannot (and will not) be contained.

I like to refer to him as my little “evil genius”.

He’s amazing.

He can go from this


To this, without even blinking.


He’s a very cunning smart little human being, one with so many [street smart] skills and talents:


I don’t worry one bit about whether or not he can defend himself on the playground.

A few weeks back a I saw a 3rd grader throwing playground mulch in Carter’s face.  Carter walked away, ever so calmly, leading the other kid on to believe he got off scotch free.  Once said kid was off playing, fully distracted, Carter walked up to him and threw mulch right in his face, and once again, walked away calmly.  That older boy was in tears and Carter was even.


Carter was playing 4 Square with some older kids after school one day.  One of the older boys came running up to me, crying and telling me Carter had kicked him in the head.  I look up to find Carter off playing basketball with some 4th graders, as if nothing had happened.  Of course, I yanked him from the game and had him apologize, and we left immediately.  On the way home I talked to him about the situation, explained why we can’t just kick people in the head when we get upset.  My mind just couldn’t grasp how he actually got his foot up to this kid’s head, because, after all, that kid is nearly twice the size of Carter.  So I asked him how he was able to do that.  His response:  “Well, he was being mean to me so I asked him to bend over.  When he was bent over I kicked him in his head.”


On the way to an appointment the other day I asked Carter if I could have my chap stick back, which was in the  cup holder of his car seat.  When I opened up the cup holder I was surprised to see TWO $20 bills folded up neatly in there.  When I asked him where he got that money he told me he got it from my wallet.  And then I asked him if he was planning on telling me he took my money, “No.” was the answer.  Of course, we went over how that was stealing and how stealing is bad, etc.  Then I asked him what he was planning on doing with that money:  “I was planning on going to the store and buying 40 packs of gum!”.


All day long, every single day I hear many stories of extreme exaggeration.  One of my favorites so far:  “When we were visiting Nana, there was a huge snake on the way to the pool.  I asked that snake to turn into a bridge so we could cross over.  When we were walking across the snake bridge he bit me and then I turned into an Army guy.  I had a huge gun that I shot the snake with and he died for biting me.”


And, last but certainly not least:  Swiped from the Urologist’s office.  “Here’s a book for you, Mom. Something about babies.”


I love my boy, Carter, more than life itself.

But I have to admit, some days, I’m a little scared of what he has in store for us!